• I'm KEEPING  this program!  I love it, my boys love it, my husband loves it!  
    Last year I was forcing work-book intensive math on my kindergarden boy b/c I thought that was what I was supposed to do.  He, of course, revolted and screamed & cried every time we got math out.  "I hate math, I hate school".  He cried ....I cried. 
    Well, now it's been a whole summer of no math.. for some "healing" & 2 weeks of MOTL. Now, he (6) & my 4 yr old both bounce around the house yelling "I love math...it's my favorite". Thank you thank you thank you. We're playing games, discovering numbers, patterns, etc out in the world & everything has changed. They're even doing basic addition (w/o paper & pencil) out loud & I haven't even gotten to that operation yet!  I'm so grateful and blessed by you & your husbands hard work on the curriculum. Thank you!
  • I have received a few e-mails asking me how I like our Math on the Level math program. The answer is "I LOVE IT!" This resource is such a fantastic way to teach my children the different math concepts when they are ready. Not when someone else tells me I need to teach them. As a huge proponent of Ruth Beechick’s ideology, as well as an up and coming Charlotte Masonite, this program fits so well with the idea of natural, relaxed learning. I always could teach my kids reading concepts, writing, science, history, etc., when they were ready. Now Math on the Level allows me to do the same with math. It has been such a huge blessing in our homeschool.
  • I have to say when I saw MOTL, it was "love at first sight" - ha! I told my husband that I could finally "prove" that we did math each day...what I was doing was written in a curriculum! I LOVE being unencumbered by traditional teaching methods that were frustrating both me and my children. I can see their imaginations, creativity and joy returning. Instead of tears we have smiles and two children begging for their math!
  • I am a homeschooling mom of 4 wonderful and wild blessings. My oldest just turned six. We bought Math on the Level last year at the CHEC convention and Love it!!!! Of my 4 children, I have one who is very accelerated in math; with Math on the Level, I can see where he is and where to go (and how to check his maturity level). And with the 5-a-days, he doesn't get to the boring repetition that makes so many children hate math.

    Math on the Level isn't just a math program – it is a way of life!
  • I would not return this curric if you paid me double my money back!!!
  • Math on the Level is definitely the math road map I dreamed of ever since we decided to home educate. I'm able to document what we naturally teach on a day-to-day basis, to see & give attention to missing gaps in my dd's math education, to have fun with math, to integrate it smoothly into our daily routine, and to easily learn/re-learn math myself. I was prepared to research what math concepts need to be taught from elementary through Junior High in preparation for High School, when I became aware of Math on the Level through an on-line forum. I'm so appreciative of all the work, thought and prayer that has gone into Math on the Level – they have done the work for me. I have the joy of implementing Math on the Level with my children as I have clear direction in where we're headed with math. The "icing on the cake" is Math on the Level's top-notch customer service.

  • I have 9 children, 3 adopted and 6 biological. This is the first math program I have found that will work, both for those who are behind and those that seem to get math with no problem. The wealth of ideas in this curriculum would've taken me a lifetime to come up with and even then I don't think I would've gotten them all. After spending much money on different math curriculums over the past 9 years, it feels good to know that I've finally found the right one. It is worth every penny I spent on it.

  • Math on the Level is great because it combines relaxed, real life learning with an easy-to-use recording keeping system that lets you closely monitor your kids' progress. It gives you the freedom of an 'unschoolish' curriculum with the safety net of a great record keeping system. This is the curriculum that I have been looking for the entire time we have been homeschooling!

  • The non-graded aspect of Math on the Level allows a child to jump in and start learning right away, regardless of which math curriculum they have used in the past, if they have 'gaps', or even if they are math phobic! I no longer have to worry about choosing the right grade or figuring out which year my daughter needs from another math curriculum – Math on the Level solved that problem for us! My daughter can simply start at her own level and learn at her own pace. It is money well spent for my family.

  • This is the way I have always wanted to teach my kids math but didn't have the tools to be able to do so. With Math on the Level, I finally feel that math is 'taken care of' and fits into our educational philosophy. I only wish I had Math on the Level when we started homeschooling!

  • Math on the Level is easy to use for both mom and kids. Kids will love the 5-a-day review problems, hands-on lessons and that math can actually be fun. Moms will love the concept chart, the teaching explanations, and the easy record keeping. Everyone benefits when math is no longer a battle and just becomes a part of every day life.
  • I was praying desperately and researching curriculums for HOURS and was about to go with [other math programs] until I found Math on the Level. I was so apprehensive after all the curriculums we'd tried. I ordered on the trial and joined the Math on the Level yahoo group.  I am actually confident in math, but every time I look at one of the books for ideas, I am amazed at how creative and thorough the teaching lessons are! And my daughter is delighted. We have had NO tears, NO discouragements. We call it, "On Julia's Level" and she smiles every time!!

  • Last night, my 10yo brought me a 5-a-day he made himself. LOL! He put different problems (all different things we've worked on recently) and then answered them and showed me. This is the same 10yo who had to be bribed to do one page every day of our old curriculums.  My 7yo asks me several times a day to make her a "really big math problem" per the suggestion for practicing addition in the Operations manual. She's adding to quadrillions, at least that's the biggest one we've made so far. You couldn't pay me enough to give up Math on the Level!

  • It is absolutely wonderful! I am so glad we were introduced to this new math program. I just cannot say enough about it! A great math program for anyone, but it flows nicely with either a Ruth Beechick or Charlotte Mason approach as well.
  • "When I read the introduction, I started shouting to my husband and pointing in amazement at the book. He asked what was wrong, and I told him I was so excited because this curriculum looks at a child s level of mastery and maturation, not just their grade-level!

  • I received my books yesterday and have looked over each of them. Two thoughts stand out. First....wonderful organizational layout for each page and the books. Thank you, thank you for making it so easy on my eyes so I can focus on the content. It is easily read and understood.  I just KNEW that teaching math to my kids didn't have to be so complicated. Why do I feel like someone has been deceiving me into thinking I couldn't do it myself? Nowhere have I found a resource on the internet or in a book that simply tells me what I learned in just a few minutes of looking at your books.

  • "Math on the Level is an intensely practical program! Since we've begun using these materials, I don't hear the sighs I used to hear, the muttered complaints, the questions about why we're learning this, and what relevance does it have? When would we ever use this in real life?"