Teaching quick learners

One of the biggest challenges in teaching children who naturally excel in math is to keep them motivated. These children often find traditional textbooks and worksheets to be very tedious once they understand the concept. On the other hand, they still need to review math concepts on a regular basis in order to retain them well. But instead of just cranking through busywork, these children typically require less frequent review than other children.

With Math on the Level's individualized review approach, each concept is scheduled for review based on each child's need for practice. Suppose you teach addition of mixed numbers. Once you see that your child has grasped the concept and can correctly calculate the sum of mixed numbers, that concept can go on his Review Chart (and you are done for the day). The next day, one of his 5-A-Day problems (but only one) will be addition with mixed numbers (the other four are other concepts he is reviewing). If he solves the new concept correctly, you know he still remembers how to work it. If he misses the problem, you ask how he got the answer to find out if he did not really understand (and you need to reteach the concept) or just made a careless mistake. After several days on daily review, your child may be ready for the concept to move to every 2 or 3-days or to once a week. For the quick learner, you may quickly move the concept to every 2, 3 or 4-week review. If you encounter concepts which are more challenging, you can slow down the review and review it more frequently for a longer period of time. Instead of trying to apply a tedious one-size-fits-all review approach, the 5-A-Day review system gives practice at a pace which is designed for your child.

Math on the Level can provide a teaching pace that will keep your eager learner interested and motivated, and its real-life approach will help him use his computation skills in life. The ongoing 5-A-Day review approach will also make sure what has been learned is retained. These are reasons why quick math learners love Math on the Level.