A better way to teach math...

Math on the Level is a complete homeschool math curriculum that covers K through pre-algebra for your whole family. One curriculum purchase provides all you need to teach all your children from K through pre-algebra.

Teach at Each Child's Level

Math on the Level lets you teach when the child is ready to learn. Our goal is to equip and provide guidance while making it easy to adapt the instruction and teaching pace to match each child's learning ability, whether fast or slow. With no age or grade levels assigned to any concept, you can postpone concepts the child finds difficult without stigma or stress from feeling behind.

Teach Math Through Life

Math on the Level provides four teaching guides –– Operations, Geometry and Measurements, Money and Decimals, and Fractions –– that together cover all of the concepts needed before Algebra. For most concepts, more than one teaching approach is provided, often using real-life activities or manipulatives as teaching methods to increase conceptual understanding while making learning fun. Since you choose which concept each child is learning, you often can teach different aged children together using a fun activity or family project, with each child learning a different but related concept.

Review 5-A-Day

Once a concept is learned, our 5-A-Day review system makes sure it isn't forgotten without using pages of busywork. An advanced autoscheduling spreadsheet is used to track concepts that have been learned and schedule them for regular practice. A newly added concept is practiced daily, but concepts are gradually moved to less frequent review as continuing proficiency is demonstrated. The review is individualized, so practice is concentrated where it is needed, and it is gradually extended over time, so the learning gets into long-term memory.   

Easy 5-A-Day Scheduling and Creation

The Math on the Level 5-A-Day scheduling spreadsheet is very easy to use. Each child is assigned a review chart where learned concepts are listed and scheduled for practice (Daily, 2D, 3D, 5D, 10D, 15D or 20D).  Based on these inputs, the spreadsheet automatically generates a daily list of concepts to be practiced, and the scheduled list can be imported into 5-A-Day Online to create the 5-A-Day review paper.  

Math on the Level Curriculum Resources

Math on the Level provides a wealth of information for the home schooling parent. For example. Math Adventures contains ideas of how normal family-centered activities can be easily used to teach math concepts. Math Resources covers Charts, Graphs, and Set Theory, techniques for memorization and mastering Math Facts, how to better teach a child to understand Word Problems... and more.

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