Addressing learning challenges

Children with learning challenges have many strengths, but instruction often draws attention only to their weaknesses. With Math on the Level, you are able to focus and build on the child's learning strengths. For example, if your child struggles with written communication but is strong verbally, you can teach math orally. Even the 5-A-Day reviews can be done aloud or with sidewalk chalk using huge, colorful writing. It is very important to keep the child feeling successful and confident, which is why trying to use a rigid curriculum with a learning-challenged child is a recipe for disaster.

To meet the challenge of getting information in the child's long-term memory, instead of generalized worksheets, the Math on the Level review method is individualized and uses fewer daily problems that deliver practice at a pace designed for each child. Once a concept is mastered, it is continually reviewed to insure nothing is forgotten. Importantly, Math on the Level's 5-A-Day review method does not overwhelm the child with excessive practice of any difficult concept.  Instead, it lets them keep practicing concepts they know well together with the difficult ones which were more recently learned.

Math on the Level's ability to adapt to each child is particularly important when dealing with learning challenges in order to build confidence and understanding. Its real-life approach involves the child in the learning process and lets you have fun with math time, teaching in a way that may not even seem like doing math. These multi-sensory, practical learning methods are very effective in building conceptual understanding, just as they increase life skills. A very common feedback our customers share is how their children have gone from dreading math to enjoying it, even when learning disabiltiies are involved. They also continually share reports of improved retention and confidence.

These reviews address how Math on the Level can meet learning issues. 

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review

Carlita Boyles, the author of Math on the Level, has both a bachelor's degree in Child Development and a master's degree in Special Education, with an emphasis on Learning Disabilities. She taught Special Education classes for many years in the California public school system before raising and homeschooling her own children. In addition to using her Special Ed teaching expertise and talent to enrich the Math on the Level curriculum, Carlita continues to be available, through the website and the Math on the Level support group, when parents who use Math on the Level to teach children with learning challenges seek helpful ideas on how to customize the program to best meet specific needs of their children.