"The time we spend on math each day has decreased, and I think my children are actually enjoying it more than they have in the past... "   2011 TEACH magazine review.

Math on the Level 2nd Edition A004

$210.00 each

The Second Edition of Math on the Level covers K through pre-algrebra for the whole family.  The curriculum purchase includes all three parts:

1.  Curriculum Resources (printed volume)

  • Overview and Record Keeping,
  • Math Adventures,
  • and Math Resources

2.  Combined Teaching Guide, K through pre-algebra (printed volume)

  • Operations
  • Geometry and Measurements
  • Money and Decimals
  • Fractions

3. Online 5-A-Day Resources (online component)

  • Math on the Level Record Keeping and 5-A-Day Scheduling Spreadsheet download 
  • One year subscription to 5-A-Day Online Essentials
  • Downloadable Record Keeping forms and 5-A-Day problem set (for those who prefer a manual approach)

Note: A trial version of the spreadsheet is provided during the 60-day trial period.  The full spreadsheet and other downloadable items are provided after the trial period ends. 

The curriculum purchase also includes downloadble forms for manual record keeping plus the MOTL 5-A-Day Problem Set, for those who prefer to create review papers by hand. 

If you also need to teach pre-K students, try Math on the Level Foundations.