If you make a mistake entering your email address, our reply will not get to you

From time to time, when someone asks us a question using the Contact Us link on our website, our answer back gets returned us as non-deliverable.  This happens if you make a mistake when entering your email address.  We try to answer all emails in a timely fashion, so if you don't hear back from us after a day or two, please try your question again!  You can also send any question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Check your email spam filter

If you placed an order or asked a question but did not get any reply, it may be that your email spam filter service has decided to block our emails.  Every email provider uses some form of filtering to block unwanted emails, including a way for you to log in and review any blocked emails. Depending on its settings, your spam filter may also disallow emails you would rather receive, such as our email responsed receipts and responses to your questions.  If that is happening, please add mathonthelevel.com to your email "whitelist" (of approved senders).

If you use a 'kid safe' mode, our emails may not get through

Here is another potential communication barrier we have encountered. If you contact us using an email account that has a 'kid safe' mode turned on (where you specify an 'approved sender' list), your email provider will automatically block our emails to we are on your 'approved sender' list. Therefore, when you register on our site, make an inquiry, or place an order, please use an email account that doesn't have 'kid safe' mode turned on or put mathonthelevel.com on your "approved-sender" list.