Spreadsheet Questions

How to get the latest spreadsheet

We have a very simple process. If you are a registered owner of the curriculum (by purchasing the curriculum or the support package from us), you can just log in to our website and locate on your User Menu the link to the most recent version.

Corrupted spreadsheet problems

Normally the spreadsheet download works the first time. However, if during a download attempt your internet connection is interrupted, the first download may terminate before it is complete, and the partial file will not work correctly (and Excel will get very grumpy if you try to open it). Unfortunately, the next time you try the download, your web browser may simply pull the same corrupt file out if its web history folder instead of making a fresh download attempt (one clue that this is happening is the second download will be very fast). Here are some suggestions to keep that from happening.

  1. Try the download again using a different web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera).
  2. If using the same web browser, try saving the file to a different location.
  3. If you tried the download using the "open file" option, try using the "save file" option. If you first used the "save file" option, try using the "open file" option.
  4. If these don't work, you will need to clear your web browser's download history before making another download attempt.
    • With Internet Explorer, click Tools, Internet Options, and under Browsing History click Delete. Note, after doing this, you will need log in to our website again.
    • With Firefox, click Tools, Clear Recent History, and click the box next to "cache" so it contains a green arrow, and click Clear now.
    • With Google Chrome, click the wrench (Customize and control Google Chrome), downloads, Clear All.
    • With Safari, click the little cog symbol, downloads, and Clear.
    • With other browsers, why not trying one of the ones listed above.
  5. If all else fails, send us an email using the contact us link, and we will help.
Which program to I use to open the spreadsheet?

The spreadsheet works best with Microsoft Excel (any version from 2000 to current), which is part of the Microsoft Office suite, and Microsoft Excel Online. It also works with It also works with the free OpenOffice Calc program, only much more slowly. You can find a home-and-student version of Microsoft Office for a fraction of the regular price at many stores for PC or MAC. OpenOffice is completely free.  

To make the spreadsheet as compatible as possible, the spreadsheet is available in the older xls format and in the newer xlsx format. If you use Excel 2007 or later, you should download the xlsx version. If you have an older copy of Excel, or if you use OpenOffice, you should download the xls version. 

The spreadsheet is too complex to work with Apple "Numbers", Windows "Spreadsheet", and Google Docs spreadsheet programs. Instead, use OpenOffice Calc (free download), Microsoft Excel, or Excel Online.

Click here for more information on free applications that will run the 5-A-Day Scheduling Spreadsheet..