5-A-Day Review

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Most math programs require the child to do many problems at one sitting in order to drill on the newly learned math concept. Math on the Level replaces tedious pages of worksheets with an individualized review-over-time method that uses only five daily review problems. This 5-A-Day Review process stretches practice out over time, producing far better long-term retention without busywork.

How 5-A-Day Review Works

An initial 5-A-Day Placement Process is used to place each child in the program by assessing the child's retention of every math concept he or she has learned. If the child still remembers how to do each concept, it gets placed on the child's Review Chart. This initial placement review helps you identify any gaps in the child's retention and gives confidence on what to teach next. After a new concept is taught and the child is able to consistently work a problem with that concept, it gets put on the Review Chart and scheduled for daily practice. Other concepts already on the Review Chart are also scheduled, only with less frequent review.

Thus, each 5-A-Day paper will have one problem on the most recently learned concept and other problems that cover other concepts that were learned earlier. Each time a new concept is added to the Review Chart, the other concepts can be adjusted to less frequent review: to every 2, 3, 4, or 5 days, and to every 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Therefore, the child gets ongoing practice with every math concept he or she has ever learned, with the practice concentrated where it is needed most. With the 5-A-Day reviews, each child stays sharp in math and does not tend to develop gaps.

Scheduling 5-A-Day Reviews

Math on the Level provides an advanced 5-A-Day Scheduling Spreadsheet to handle the scheduling of 5-A-Day reviews.  The Getting Started section provides detailed instructions on how to get started.  The spreadsheet is extremely easy-to-use and runs on Microsoft Excel® and on (open-source & free) Apache® Open Office or LibreOffice (or similar) office suites.  (Click here to learn how to get OpenOffice for free.) 

NEW: the 5-A-Day Scheduling Spreadsheet also works with the free Microsoft Excel Online application.

During the 60-day trial period, a Trial version of the spreadsheet is provided that has limited features.  Once the trial period is over, the curriculum owner's account is updated to provide access to the full-featured version.  

Those who purchase Math on the Level used from a third party can get the spreadsheet by purchasing a Math on the Level support package.

5-A-Day Online

The Math on the Level curriculum comes with a one-year subscription to 5-A-Day Online Essentials.  This convenient service imports the daily 5-A-Day list from the MOTL 5-A-Day scheduling spreadsheet and creates the 5-A-Day review papers for you.  It also can create customized worksheets for any concept in the curriculum.